Gallery Square Closes Traffic Temporarily

Streets and parking spaces around Novi Sad’s Gallery Square will be closed temporarily due to an event within visual arts week of the Kaleidoscope of Culture – the ‘Gallery Square’ event.

The closure will last until Monday 27 September at 6 p.m.

Visual arts week of the Kaleidoscope of Culture will be opened in Novi Sad’s Gallery Square, a place that traditionally belongs to visual arts and that will turn into the space for nurturing the already existing values and creating new ones.

From 24 to 26 September, the gallery space will become the epicentre of Novi Sad’s art scene. The SMIC project, which encourages critical thinking about the role of technology in creating new artistic practices, will be presented at the plateau in front of the museum. ‘Code Movements’, an extraordinary exhibition by the SULUV Association, explores low-code movements within a digital record, based on the field of new media art practices.

The exhibition ‘Lasting Values – Art Collection of the DDOR Insurance’ will open on Friday 24 September, in the Gallery of Matica Srpska. It encompasses 81 works of art by 65 artists who lived and worked in the period between the two wars and during the first decade of the 21st century.

After the opening, ‘Rebel Brass’ will perform under the open sky, while the next day, Saturday 25 September, is reserved for concerts of classical music for children by pianist Rita Kinka and flutist Sonja Antunić, organised by the Music Youth of Novi Sad. Various creative activities and a workshop for children ‘Let the Imagination Wander the Sculpture Park’ will be held the same day.

The last day of the opening of visual arts week in the Gallery Square, 26 September, is reserved for the official opening of the Sculpture Park and the event ‘Picnic with Sculptures’, as well as concert by ‘Positano String Quartet’. The programme partner of the visual arts week is the DDOR Insurance.