LITERATURE WEEK / 9 – 15 October 2023


10 / X / 7 p.m. / CS Mlin
Conversation with children: writer Jasminka Petrović
10/ X / 6 p.m. / CS Mlin
Lecture for parents Kako Se Od Knjige I Uz Knjigu Raste, pedagogue
Olgica Pušić Ugrnov
13 / X / 7 p.m. / CS Kovilj
Literary evening with Matija Bećković
14 / X / 7 p.m. / District
Conversation with Danica Vukićević, Muharem Bazdulj and Milica Vučković


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A unique concept in this part of Europe is turning Novi Sad into a book town, with literary programmes, bringing together the most important regional names in this field of art. Literature week brings discussions with authors and performances standing out from the usual ways of literary promotion and answering the question of why books are important to us.

In 2022, László Végel, Vedrana Rudan and The Books of Knjige performed at the Booktown, while Voja Brajović and Zijah Sokolović read fairy tales to children.

In the previous years, the literature week hosted Svetislav Basara, Rambo Amadeus, Slobodan Tišma, Radmila Petrović, Maša Seničić, Aleksandar Gatalica and others.