Last year’s fourth Kaleidoscope of Culture, held between 2 September and 8 October of 2021, marked the end of summer in Novi Sad.

With eminent local, regional, and European names from the world of art, and the most relevant organisations and cultural institutions, the 2021 Kaleidoscope of Culture raised its production capacities in line with world manifestations and was visited by more than 16 thousand people during the five weeks through which different types of art alternated: architecture, literature, performance, visual and applied art. The most attended were the programmes at the four-day opening in the Creative District, as well as the traditional Korzo, a classical music concert on one of the city’s main boulevards. The Korzo audience also had the opportunity to watch the opening ceremony via the broadcast on the provincial public service – Radio-television Vojvodina, which recorded a viewership of 28,000.

At the opening, more than 40 programmes were presented at the theatre, music, and three film stages. Through seven exhibitions, eight plays, 26 films, various performances, forums, and panels of both local artists and artists coming from Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Sweden, France and Belgium, new spaces in the Creative District were also discovered, such as the Skladište, renovated Fabrika, Gvožđara, Biro, and Liman Cultural Station.

Korzo marked the performance of world artists – violin virtuoso Stefan Milenković and maestro Aleksandar Marković, a renowned conductor with an impressive European career, in the role of chief conductor of the lavish Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra. As the biggest artistic and production venture in the week of performing arts, Korzo once again displaced classical music from concert halls and brought it closer to all fellow citizens, following the example of Paris, Vienna, London, Berlin, and other metropolises, as well as cities of the European Capital of Culture.

Thanks to Kaleidoscope of Culture and other culture brands that were established in previous years, Doček and the network of cultural stations, Novi Sad received the Award for the best European Trend Brand in the field of culture in Dresden in November 2021. As many as 110 organizations, institutions and cultural institutions from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Belarus, France, Israel, Lithuania, Russia, Serbia, and the Netherlands competed for the most prestigious European award in the field of culture.