The Kaleidoscope of Culture is a yearlong project of CULTURE OF TOGETHERNESS, which through different PROCESSES connects ARTISTS, CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS, NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATIONS, CITIZENS AND TOURISTS, in order to present PLACES and PROGRAMMES throughout the city, promoting a unique, DISTINCT image of NOVI SAD by the end of summer.

Kaleidoscope of Culture, as one of the biggest programme arches within the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ project, intertwines five types of art through numerous cultural and artistic events.

In this period, Novi Sad becomes the City of Scene with a chance for everyone to create their own kaleidoscope of culture that includes architecture, literature, performance, visual and applied art during all five weeks of programme.

Artists and other stakeholders in culture, various spaces and numerous programmes create a unique image of diversity of the Kaleidoscope of Culture and the new side of culture in Novi Sad.

The Kaleidoscope of Culture will mark the end of the summer in Novi Sad this year as well. All the citizens can expect four days of opening, five days of programme and five types of art on the meeting point of four industrial heritages.

From 4 September until 9 October, the unique Kaleidoscope of Culture will be held for the third time in Novi Sad, showing that this is the city which lives through culture.

Last year’s Kaleidoscope of Culture, held from 24 August until 30 September, included 400 programmes on about 80 locations. The reveal of the ‘Q’ sculpture at the plateau in front of the Svilara Cultural Station marked its end.

The sculpture was carved out of the marble from Aranđelovac, the most known marble in this region, thanks to the cooperation with ‘Marble and Sounds’ Art Parade. Four artists, representatives of the European capitals of culture, worked on the sculpture: sculptor Luka Kulić and graphic artists Danilo Vuksanović from Serbia, sculptor Ljuba De Karina from Rijeka and painter Ciprian Hopirtean from Timișoara.

Postavljanje skulpture Kju, završen kaleidoskop kulture
Foto: Vladimir Veličković

The ‘Novi Sad Gate’ raised the question of architecture at the beginning of ‘Kaleidoscope’ in the Suburbium of the Petrovaradin Fortress, which drew the attention to one of the most important infrastructural projects during the preparation of Novi Sad for 2021.

The Kaleidsocope was featured by the ‘Filmharmony’, which connected film and music, Charlie Chaplin and Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra in the Unification Park, ‘Korzo’, a unique concert of classical music in the open, the event that closed one of the main traffic roads in Novi Sad.

The Railway Station was revived through performing and visual art, within the exhibition of Swiss design entitled ‘Swiss Style Now’, and with the performance of the winner of 14th Prague Quadrennial ‘This Building Truly Talks’, who performed eight times during three days.

Foto: Vladimir Veličković

Through the first Kaleidoscope of Culture, which lasted from 25 August until 30 September, more than 1.000 artists introduced themselves to citizens of Novi Sad. The opening ceremony in front of the Czech Magazine was made grander with the pianists Nada Kolundžija, the ‘Body as an Instrument’ troupe from Novi Sad, as well as famous multi-instrumentalist and singer Slobodan Trkulja with extraordinary mapping and artistic light projection.

The citizens of Novi Sad enjoyed passionate dance under the stars within the ‘Novi Sad – Tango City’ festival, classical music in the open within the ‘NEO’ Non-Classical Festival of Classical Music, the night of Russian music with beautiful performance of Elena Manistina, mezzo-soprano from the Bolshoi Theatre from Moscow and ‘TAJJ’ string quartet.

Theatre performances ‘Bloody Weddings’, ‘Cinderella’, ‘Prisoner and Six-fingers Man’ puppet show for adults, contemporary circus, interesting exhibitions across Novi Sad such as ‘Companions’, ‘New Places’, media installations, contemporary dance, film and numerous other contents marked the first Kaleidoscope of Culture, which closed with a magnificent multimedia event.

The closing ceremony featured jazz singer Lena Kovačević, the ‘Alice in WonderBand’ artistic group from Novi Sad and ‘Camerata Academica’ string quartet orchestra. As for the lovers of ‘sharper’ sound, the ‘Ultraphunk’ completed this ceremony with its electronic music during the 6-minute performance, which is based on strong rhythm spiced up with melodic bass lines and catchy melodies of synthesizer.