‘Autonomous Identities’ Exhibition @Svilara CS

The ‘Autonomous Identities’ project represents a set of the most recent works by Izabela Mašić, created in the period 2017 – 2020. In her work, Mašić explored identity structures of different characters formed through the narratives of the collective, sociological…

‘75.000 – the Value of a Work of Art’ @Svilara CS

What determines the value of a work of art? What is the ratio between artistic and financial value of a work of art? Why is it important?

‘From Sava to Sava’ @ The Gallery of Matica Srpska

Originally built for the purposes of the stock exchange of Novi Sad, the Gallery of Matica Srpska building went from the treasures of material to spiritual and cultural richness of one nation. Collection of paintings, graphics, sculptures represents both our…


Exhibition by Izabela Mašić: Does ‘Error’ Depend on the Perspective and Sensibility of the Observer?

People became so distant from both themselves and others, the fear of showing any of their ‘weaknesses’ became so strong that instead of an honest conversation, we often chose to destructively keep to ourselves what’s been bothering us, which often…

What Determines the Value of a Work of Art: Exhibition, Performance and Lecture in Svilara

Material value of a work of art – how to estimate the value of it and who does it? The exhibition and performance-lecture are hiding behind the name of the ‘75.000 – the Value of a Work of Art’ project…

Week of Visual Art Connects Rich Artistic Heritage and Modern Authors from Novi Sad

Fourth week of the Kaleidoscope of Culture in Novi Sad takes us to the world of visual art and connects modern artistic expression by Novi Sad authors and rich artistic heritage and legacies.