‘Rigoletto’ Opera Broadcast on RTS 3 Channel and Online

‘Rigoletto’, multimedia opera spectacle, marks the end of the grand opening of the third Kaleidoscope of Culture in front of the Czech Magazine on 7 September, at 9 p.m.

Due to the epidemiological measures and limited capacities, the ‘Rigoletto’ opera will be broadcast on RTS 3 channel as well as on the Kaleidoscope of Culture website.

After almost 170 years since the opera’s premiere in Venice, ‘Rigoletto’ will be performed for the first time in the open in Novi Sad, with the special video projection on the 50 meters long façade.

‘The whole space of the Czech Magazine, vicinity of the river, today’s condition of the building, its original purpose, all give a completely new and interesting point of view to the audience, and equally interesting point of view to the performers. We feel as if we’re doing a completely new play. Thanks to the video projections, we’ll be able to express things you don’t have in a regular theatre, for example, falling of a palace’s façade in front of the audience’s eyes. But under these conditions, we’re able to do it,’ said Aleksandar Nikolić, director.

The idea of this year’s Kaleidoscope of Culture, preservation and promotion of the heritage through modern expression, is best seen through the multimedia spectacle. The opera will be conducted by the Argentinian, Luis Gorelik, and in co-production with the oldest Serbian theatre, the Serbian National Theatre.

The Kaleidoscope of Culture develops new audience and broadens the frameworks by decentralising the culture with its live streamed programme and partner media programmes.