‘New Places’ conference about improving public spaces

The ‘New Places’ conference about the importance of improving public spaces in Novi Sad, will be broadcast on Friday, 11 September at 7 p.m. via Facebook page of the Kaleidoscope of Culture.

One of the public spaces within the ‘New Places’ project was successfully implemented in this area, and well received by the people from the region. The project was initiated as part of the preparation for the future European Capital of Culture, with an idea to improve and reconstruct public spaces and turn them into the new places for citizen meetings and cultural events.

Miljan Cvijetić, president of the Association of Architects of Novi Sad, Jovana Jarić from the Centre for Multidisciplinary Research and Sanja Vujinović, representative of the satisfied citizens living in the vicinity of Partizanskih baza street, will present themselves to the public.

The conference is held within the third Kaleidoscope of Culture in Novi Sad, which, with its everyday cultural-artistic programme, marks the end of summer in the city. During the five weeks of programme, from 4 September until 9 October, intertwining five forms of art, every citizen of Novi Sad creates their own kaleidoscope of culture. As a yearlong project of culture of togetherness, the Kaleidoscope of Culture promotes a unique, distinct image of Novi Sad through programmes across the city.