Attractive, Humorous and Unpredictable – ‘PLI’ Performance in the Egység Cultural Station

The simplicity of stage design, minimalism, 22 conference chairs and a patient man – this is how the stage for the ‘PLI’ performance by Czech artist Viktor Černický looked like. The performance was held within the international festival of contemporary dance ‘Tanz Platz’, produced by Student Cultural Centre within the Kaleidoscope of Culture, last night, September 18.

In the Egység Cultural Station, at 8:35 p.m., Viktor Černický started his unpredictable and humorous performance where robustness was replaced with spatial simplicity. On a small platform, Viktor Černický decisively dives into endless, construction, reconstruction and deconstruction of the universe. The result is a smart and playful solo performance, physical metaphor of immense human dynamics, patience and effort.

My interest in ‘PLI’ – or a curve – as intricate and playful figure emerged while reading a magical-realistic trilogy ‘Our Ancestors’ by Italo Calvino. I grew along with reading Gilles Deleuze’s stirring philosophical text ‘PLI’ where Deleuze describes Baroque era from the viewpoint of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. I found his way of thinking very close to a magical performance with only one difference: there are no magic tricks. Leibniz brings together the seemingly impossible. He makes us wonder about the complexity and refinement of this World by using very simple principles. He multiplies and folds them in every possible way and so many times that, in the end, we all face the Creation as some sophisticated piece of architecture. Extremely rich in details, greatly elaborate in style, robustly shaped and hard to believe, and yet very simple, modest and absolutely true,’ explained Viktor Černický.

According to the artist, ‘PLI’ is often attractive due to its communication with close environment. It is often being performed and welcomed to a variety of specific locations – both indoor and outdoor. Genius locations of the chosen spots provide the performance with a unique spatial and architectural context.

The idea leading me to create a performance that bends our imagination and takes our breaths, with its wide form and simple in expression thus unreeled from Calvino’s playful bend of fiction and non-fiction, and from Leibniz’s need to reflect the reality that, to a single human being, often becomes transcending,’ said Černický.

PLI has been performed at a playground, in a synagogue, port, in gardens and parks, castle halls with baroque fresco ceilings, at spas, etc.

We consider this chance of being in touch with a local context highly important and enriching for both the piece and the local community. This is why the team is always open and willing to communicate this option as well as the possibility to invite the local audience into the world of the performance – in a form of workshop as well as possible engagement of public into a specific and longer form of the performance.

Josef Bartoš from ‘Dance News’ describes the performance as a ‘unique piece, dazzling with its genius simplicity and absolute harmony of all elements. From my point of view it definitely belongs among candidates for theatre event of the season, the author has set the bar really high’.

In addition to ‘PLI’, four co-productions and artists from France and Norway performed within the 4th international festival of contemporary dance ‘Tanz Platz’, produced by Student Cultural Centre Novi Sad.

The festival comprised Novi Sad premieré of the inclusive film ‘Glance’ produced by the ‘Hajde da…’ group, as well as the ‘Koreografisana Kriza: Kako Pleše Čovek sa Maskom’ forum.