The Female Poets Boulevard – Young Authors Maša Senčić and Radmila Petrović Within the Week of Literature

Week of Literature, within the Kaleidoscope of Culture, will present the young names of the Serbian literary scene as part of the first ‘Female Poets Boulevard’, on 22 September at 7 p.m.

The audience will have a chance to talk to the authors Maša Seničić and Radmila Petrović on the plateau in front of the ‘music bookstore’, Bulevar Books. It will be possible to follow the forum online via The Kaleidoscope of Culture and Novi Sad 2021 Facebook pages.

Maša Seničić was born in Belgrade in 1990. In addition to poetry, she deals with journalism, essays, prose and writing scripts. She was equally appreciated by the audience and critics from the first steps in literature. She received the ‘Dusan Vasiljev’ award for the last book of poems entitled ‘Occasional Like a Weekend Resort’ (Treći trg, 2019), recognised by Vital’s jury.

Radmila Petrović was born in Užice in 1996. She is an economist by education, and a revolutionary by her poetic expression. She won awards for unpublished poems, and with her latest book entitled ‘My Mom Knows What’s Happening in Cities’ (PPM Encklava, 2020), she placed herself on a significant position in Serbian poetry.