The ‘Višeslojnost’ Exhibition

The architecture week within the Kaleidoscope of Culture will mark the ‘Višeslojnost’ exhibition, at which more than 100 female architects will introduce themselves. In addition to being successful in architecture, these women are also successful in other related fields: fashion industry, design, making decorative items, interior, publishing, music, fine art, programming, media, and other fields.

‘Višeslojnost’ (en. multilayeredness) is a characteristic of architecture, while the great architectural pieces communicate on different levels – from functional, construction, to aesthetic. Thinking about different layers of the programme and shaping the objects and public spaces is an integral part of the process of architectural design.

The very profession is multilayered as well – instead of traditional uniformity, today’s architecture is created by diverse people, with women taking the lead in presenting a different image of the profession. This year, as part of thinking about what women architects do in their careers, whether and to what extent they find other similar activities they’re good at, the ‘Multilayeredness’ allowed the presentation of other different professions as well.

The exhibition will be divided into the main programme, dedicated to achievements in architecture, design, interior, urbanism, protection and communication, and thematic programme which illustrates the multilayeredness of women architects in other creative disciplines (graphic design, illustration, textile design, industrial design, fashion design, costume, scenography, makeup, gastronomy, IT, management in culture and many other).

Within this exhibition, which lasts from 6 to 9 September, you will have a chance to visit public discussions on the topic: Architecture of the Scene and Architecture and Exhibitions.

The fourth Kaleidoscope of Culture will be held from 2 September until 8 October 2021. During five weeks, this yearlong project of culture of togetherness that connects artists, cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations, citizens and visitors through various processes, will present five types of art. At the end of summer, the Kaleidoscope of Culture will present spaces and programmes throughout the city, promoting a unique image of the diversity of Novi Sad.