The Last Week of the Kaleidoscope of Culture: Architecture, Design, Theatre, Music…

During the last week, the Kaleidoscope has shown once again how the culture of togetherness lives in Novi Sad.

People, processes, spaces and programmes happened this weekend in the city which has already shown its potential for cultural development and creative industries. During the first days of autumn, fostering o architecture was in the focus of Novi Sad.

The ‘New Places’ project of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation was presented within the Kaleidoscope in the second cultural station of the five-week journey. The project defined new principle, asking and giving the possibility to the citizens of Novi Sad to actively participate in creation of public spaces, which was not the practise so far.

Exhibited works from the open call presented projects for improvement of small public surfaces. The core idea of the Foundation is to unify ideas of citizens and architects and turn them into environment tailored for the citizens of Novi Sad.

The audience had a chance to see the exhibition of contemporary architecture of Slovenia, as well as the ‘Collegium Artisticum’ exhibition from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which were presented within the Festival that was supported by the Foundation and implemented by the Association of Novi Sad Architects, thus presenting good examples from the region and give ideas for direction in which they should work in order to revive unused spaces.

We saw the solutions of the call for the old city core of Novi Sad within the Kaleidoscope. The programme would be useful for people and resemble the symbol of the new wave of cultural needs in the first place.

New reaches in understanding culture reflect through architecture as well, and works presented at the exhibition gave new ideas to those who decide about changing the architectural image of some parts of the city, where many people gather and align with the view of citizens of Novi Sad.

The Novi Sad 2021 Foundation suggested that the final prospect of the future old core of Novi Sad should be based on the principles of internationalisation and participation. This means that the Foundation, within the ‘Artists in Residence’ project, one of the important European architectural names, in cooperation with local architectural scene, would give the final solution that will be innovative, in accordance with the cultural heritage of Novi Sad.

Chilly Saturday night was the great opportunity to breath in the tradition of Novi Sad, which the Almaš Neighbourhood describes the best. The secrets of old yards and spirit of the former Novi Sad are complemented with interesting stories about everything that happened behind the old gates in period when the life started and ended near the Almaš church. The Kaleidoscope of Culture implemented the projection of the ‘Memories from the Almaš Neighbourhood’ documentary film, as well as the ‘Handwork’ performance and tamburitza music for visitors.

Architecture and design were dominant this weekend, as well as one more art which finds its place within the Kaleidoscope of Culture. The ‘Allstars Riso’ graphic works in the field of design and illustration deserved its space.

Besides architecture and design, the music could be hear in Novi Sad. The Kaleidoscope of Culture was supported by the performance of musicians from Timişoara, the city which held the title of the European Capital of Culture 2021 within the countries of the European Union.

The citizens of Novi Sad enjoyed the concert where the ‘Furiant’ quartet from Berlin and clarinetist Tomaž Močilnik from Frankfurt am Main. Within the programme, works of Shostakovich and Mozart could be heard, followed by the special presentation and light effects organised by the guests from Novi Sad.

Opera was always inevitable part of Novi Sad and the culture of togetherness within the Novi Sad Kaleidoscope. The Kaleidoscope presented the ‘Magic Flute’ children’s opera to the youngest citizens of Novi Sad, the future creators of the cultural image of the city, in the unique place of the ‘Egység’ Cultural Station.

During the following days, within the Kaleidoscope of Culture, visitors will have a chance to enjoy films about human, about all important topics, films that change perspective and broaden horizons. They will also have a chance to participate in discussions with authors and film makers, artistic workshops and numerous exhibitions.

The premiere of the ‘Cinderella’ by Rossini, conducted by Gianluca Marcianò will contribute to rich programme in the Serbian National Theatre on Wednesday, 26 September, while the final twist of the Kaleidoscope was scheduled for Saturday, 29 September, when Novi Sad will have the European glow and in this manner, will complete the great idea that the culture is the way of life.