The Closing of the Kaleidoscope with Art and Light Spectacle

The Closing of the Kaleidoscope of Culture in Novi Sad will be held in Czech Magazine, on Saturday, 29 September, symbolically at 20:21, near the ‘Kineska Quarter – Youth Creative Polis’, where all begun five weeks ago.

Famous jazz and pop singer, Lena Kovačević, will perform at the closing ceremony. Her current single ‘Café’ is a record-breaking hit at the moment.

The closing ceremony will feature the ‘Alice in WonderBand’ artistic band from Novi Sad. Marko Dinjaški and Ana Vrbaški will capture audience attention with their voice and unique scene movement with technique of using their body as an instrument within their extraordinary performance.

The citizens of Novi Sad who will visit the closing ceremony will have a chance to hear the ‘Camerata Academica’ string quartet orchestra that will perform the ‘Pannonia Boundless’ composition by Aleksandra Vrebalov.

This composition was composed for the Kronos Quartet in 1997, and work was used in the ‘Soupirs d’âme’ film by Canadian writer Helen Doyle in the ‘Little Prince’ ballet. Erne Švan (violin), Ana Klem Aksentijević (viola), Vladimir Ćuković (violin) and Marko Miletić (violoncello) will perform virtuosity based on the motifs of Roma music for six minutes.

For the lovers of ‘sharper’ sound, the ‘Ultraphunk’ will feature this multimedia event with electronic music during the 6-minute performance, which is based on strong rhythm spiced up with melodic bass lines and catchy melodies of synthesizer.

The summer of culture in the form of Kaleidoscope in Novi Sad is getting closer to the final event – dynamic closing of the Kaleidoscope of Culture will show diversity of this city in the right manner, as well as the work of culture of togetherness of the future European Capital of Culture.