The Egység Cultural Station Opened

The Egység Cultural Station opened its door to the citizens of Novi Sad on Saturday, 8 September. The day was sunny, and fellow citizens were in the mood for some new, different contents.

During the opening day, diverse programme in which participated our fellow citizens of all ages was prepared. The youngest citizens of Novi Sad enjoyed during the creative workshop of flower arranging and circus workshop with the Ludifico Centre for Circus Arts Development. We danced the waltz with the Fiesta dance club, tango with Todo Tango Novi Sad and we attended the street dance battle which was ‘started up’ by the Groove Dance Association, while ‘graffiti experts’ worked on their creative projects.

The participants were addressed by Mr Nemanja Milenković, CEO of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation and Mr Dalibor Rožić, City Council in charge of culture and they officially opened the Cultural Station at 8 p.m. During the rest of the night we enjoyed the performance of the ‘Radio’ pop choir and jazz performed by Đorđe Obradović trio.

Sometimes the place for gathering of young athletes, place for dance, as well as socialisation and pleasure, now brings back the spirit of those times with the idea of reviving that period and making new memories with Kaleidoscope.

Ms Milica Rašković, representative of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation, says that the goal is to give the Egység back the former glory, therefore, to maintain continuity when it comes to events in it.
‘The chateau for everybody is the concept of this space which offers contents for all ages. The Egység would offer the programme that would attract families, as well as creative artists that would have a chance to express themselves and work there with useful contents for children, parents, the young and the old in form of a club. Pleasant and cosy atmosphere will make visitors stay, and programmes for adults will make them come back. Practice has shown that spaces in which citizens actively participate in management, either space or programme, give the best results – higher and frequent visit, psychological satisfaction due to the sense of mutual belonging and spending quality free time. That is why citizens of Novi Sad can come to Egység and suggest programmes, give ideas and together with us, actively participate in creating the Egység for all of us’, said Ms Rašković.

Besides Egység, another cultural station was ‘initiated’ recently – ‘Caravan’. This mobile cultural station revives cultural life of numerous parts of the Novi Sad and surroundings for weeks, witnessing the fact that culture is not only for individuals, but for everyone, everywhere.