Design Pavilion @SPENS

Second Design Pavilion in Novi Sad Within the 5th Week of the Kaleidoscope of Culture, from 2 until 9 October.

After last year’s exhibition of contemporary Swiss design ‘Swiss Style Now’, Design Pavilion will present the graphics exhibition of ALLSTARS + SUPERNOVAE which the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation oragnises in cooperation with PDP Creative Media Conference.

The exhibition will show 70 works of designers, illustrators and other visual artists from Great Britain, Greece, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Norway, Croatia, Iceland, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Albania, Romania, Moldova, Russia, Belgium, Finland and Serbia.

Last year’s Design Pavilion revived the space of the Railway Station connecting modern principles, which are the basis of Swiss design, and the building of the railway station as a real gem of modern architecture of Novi Sad. This year, Pavilion Design is taking place in an object that is one of the representatives of modern architecture in Novi Sad, SPENS building. This way, Design Pavilion is communicating with SPENS as an important element of the architectural heritage.

The installation will consist of two units – ALLSTARS, part of the installation dedicated to artists by invitation and SUPERNOVAE, part of the installation dedicated to young authors chosen on the call which PDP Creative Media Conference organises every year. The artists will present their experiences of creating, learning and overcoming obstacles through the topic of the exhibition titled ‘Process’.

In addition to this, the Pintura collective, which will gather four street artists, will also present themselves to the audience within Design Pavilion. Dulait, Tony Star, Rosh Panonsky and Sensi will paint ten panels which, with their artistic concept titled ‘Up’ & ‘Down’, will answer the topic of the ‘Process’ exhibition. According to the authors, ‘Up’ & ‘Down’ displays the unpredictable and integral part of every artistic creation.