Mural @Novi Sad Theatre

The mural by Jovan Ćurčić, the artist, will be painted on 4 October on the building of the Novi Sad Theatre.

The mural will be adjusted to the theatre building, and the image will illustrate a girl wearing a fox mask. The work is inspired by fables and represents the enthusiasm of the actor on the stage and the power of the mask, since the girl seems to transform into that animal. There are the long hair and strands behind her as a symbol of movement and leaving trace.

Jovan Ćurčić – Quam was attracted to graffiti and street art from childhood. He draw the first graffiti in the seventh grade of elementary school and thus recognised his future vocation.

He found the place for work in the Inex Gallery, where he actively created in the studio and participated in four group exhibitions during four years.

He had particularly interesting experiences in the role of mentor of the graffiti workshop for children in Banatska Dubica and the organisation of the ‘Savamala’s One Day Diary’ drawing workshop in cooperation with the Goethe Institute 2013.

He participated in the ‘Baushtelle: Balkan Temple’ project, within which he exhibited outside the Balkans for the first time. On that occasion, he implemented the ‘Brainyard’ installation in an unusual and very inspiring space for work – Fraumünster Church in Zurich, Switzerland.

He sees himself as an independent artist who creates in the field of drawing, painting, graffiti, digital media and photography, with a desire to focus mostly on painting murals and public spaces in the future.