Over 20 Exhibitions and Installations at the Kaleidoscope of Culture Opening

A four-day opening of the Kaleidoscope of Culture, as the biggest artistic gathering in this part of Europe, will present around 400 artists from almost 40 countries through five forms of art – architecture, performing arts, literature, visual and applied arts.

From 1 to 4 September, at the site of the District, one of the most significant infrastructural projects of Novi Sad as the European Capital of Culture, over one hundred events will take place, including more than twenty exhibitions and installations.

One of the biggest interactive installations in Europe, ‘Autokorekt’, by the art collective Karkatag, a winner of the prestigious Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust award, will be set up on the façade of the Fabrika, thus opening the doors of the industrial heritage of the District.

More than 25 most significant new media artists from Serbia, led by great names such as Vladimir Lalić and Goran Despotovski, will present their works in renovated spaces in the District.

‘Dark Room’, a light and audio installation by Vladimir Lalić, will be exhibited at Skladište. Inside a completely darkened room, visitors will use the flashlight on their mobile phones to illuminate the plexiglass drawings, projecting them onto the walls of the room and creating a theatre of shadows, with an audio recording of the artist’s singing that will echo around the room, creating a cacophonous atmosphere.

The ‘Gendered Witnessing’ installation by Goran Despotovski represents twelve puppets without identity that will be exhibited in Lančara. The group of puppets conceived in this way indicates a female choral group. The sound of this chorus was created by multiplying a female voice, while the curiosity of the sound part of the installation is that the final sound result depends on the acoustics of the space. The work thus points to the contradictions between the sublime and the mundane and the determinant of gender crises.

Applied arts will be presented at the Biennale of Stage Design. The audience will have a chance to see the ‘Collab Commons’ project that deals with the modernist heritage in Rijeka, Skopje and Novi Sad. Some of the leading artists from the territories of the former Yugoslavia, who work in the field of stage design, including artist and stage designer Sven Jonke, and architect Miodrag Kuč, will present their works.

The Biennale of Student Photography will include works by the best young photographers from 36 countries of the world will take place near Gvožđara, while award-winning Japanese artist Rie Yamada will hold a solo exhibition in Radionica (location no. 3), within which she will present the works that deal with the concept of family and household in exciting ways.

In addition to guest artists from France and Austria, three Europe-renowned artists, Petar Mirković, Tadija Janičić and Boris Lukić will open the doors of their renovated studios.

Walking around the District, you will have a chance to see the performative exhibition ‘Art Sale’, installations ‘Bridgability’ by Gojko Dutina and ‘Reshaping – From Useful Object to Contemporary Form’ by Aleksandar Stanojević, the collective work – a terracotta relief, which will be made during the ‘Traces of Time’ workshop, the exhibition ‘Move in Code’, ‘Transformative Power of Open Spaces’, ‘French Contemporary Artists’, the video exhibition ‘Three Stupid Heads’ by Nenad Lančuški and Ivana Janošev, which uses the heritage and legacy of conceptual artists of the Youth Forum, the group Kod, January-February-March and many others.

The audience will have an opportunity to see the mentioned exhibitions and installations during all four opening days or longer. As part of the exhibitions, guided tours and an accompanying workshop and music programme will be organised. Admission is free.


1 – 9 September / Skladište / Exhibition Dark Room
1 – 9 September / Biro / Exhibition Bits and Bytes
1 – 9 September / Radionica, location 2 / Biennale of Stage Design – (Imaginary) Family Tales
1 – 9 September / Radionica, location 4 / Biennale of Stage Design – Master’s Letter
1 – 9 September / Radionica, location 6 / Biennale of Stage Design – Makers of Magic
1 – 9 September / Fabrika, location 2 / Biennale of Stage Design – Student Biennale
1 – 9 September / Gvožđara, location 1 / Biennale of Stage Design – Collab Commons
1 – 6 September / Gvožđara, location 2 / Biennale of Stage Design – Orientation in One Hundred Revolutions
1 – 4 September / Gvožđara, the street on the right from the facility / Biennale of Student Photography
1 – 4 September / Radionica, location 1 / Exhibition Move in Code
2 – 8 September / Radionica, location 3 / Exhibition Rie Yamada
1 – 4 September / Radionica, location 5 / Video-exhibition Three Stupid Heads
1 – 4 September / Radionica, location 7 / Open Studio, Boris Lukić
1 – 4 September / Radionica, location 8 / Open Studio, Petar Mirković
1 – 4 September / Radionica, location 9 / Open Studio, Tadija Janičić
1 – 4 September / Fabrika, location 4 / Exhibition French Contemporary Painters
1 – 4 September / Fabrika, location 5 / Exhibition Transformative Power of Open Spaces
1 – 4 September / CS Liman, the plateau in front of the facility / Performative Exhibition Art Sale


2 – 4 September / Fabrika, on the façade / Interactive installation Autokorekt
1 – 4 September / Biro, behind the facility / Installation Bridgability
1 – 4 September / Lančara / Installation Gendered Witnessing
1 – 4 September / Menza, the plateau in front of the facility / Installation Traces of Time
1 – 4 September / Proizvodnja (The Quarter), at the corner / Installation Reshaping

In addition to numerous exhibitions and installations, we can expect rich musical, film and theatre programmes, including dance theatre plays and performances, conferences with workshops and panel discussions, etc.

In the European Capital of Culture title year, the Kaleidoscope of Culture will be held for the fifth time, from 1 September until 7 October. Almost 1000 artists and experts in the fields of architecture, literature, visual, performing and applied arts from 67 countries will implement more than 250 events across Novi Sad.

Partners of the Kaleidoscope of Culture 2022 are Erste BankIDEADDORA1 Srbija, and Heineken Srbija.