Obnova Film Fest: Our Weapon are Breaks and Side Mirrors

First Film Festival ‘Obnova Film Fest’ will be held within the four-day grand opening of the Kaleidoscope of Culture, at the site of the former Great Liman from 4 until 6 September.

On one hand, the festival is being implemented with the wish to give the audience a chance to connect with some achievements in cinematography, which is often hard due to hectic lives we live and mass film productions, and on the other hand, it is being implemented in order to connect film-makers and offer support to local production.

‘We only have two weapons, and those are breaks and side mirrors. Sometimes, it is necessary to stop, look, turn around and go back to some topics and renew them, since they are coming back to us again, and we do not have the time to explore them thoroughly,’ said Marko Vejinović, on behalf of the ‘Obnova Film Fest’.

The aim of the festival is to renew Novi Sad film production and promotes Novi Sad on the European film scene, as well as the implementation of self-sustaining film festival that will actively contribute to local cinematography, especially to directors and producers in Novi Sad.

The audience will have a chance to see local and foreign film production on three stages within the first film festival ‘Obnova’.

The restored films such as ‘Poseban Tretman’ (eng. Special Treatment) on 4 September, ‘Tri Karte za Holivud’ (eng. Three Tickets to Hollywood) on 5 September will be shown on the main stage, while the legendary film ‘Nacionalna Klasa’ (eng. National Class) will be shown on 6 September.

The audience will have a chance to see films ‘Zašto je Dragan Napravio Orkestar’ on 4 September, film about Vlada Divljan ‘Nebeska Tema’ on 5 September, and film ‘Balkan Ekspres’ on the musical film stage on 6 September.

The appearance of the Celluloid stage will resemble a small museum of film tapes. Every day during the festival, a projectionist will hold short lectures on film tapes, and film in general. On this stage, 8mm celluloid projector will be placed, and films that will be shown are: Warner Bros. animated silent films such as Popeye, Woody Woodpecker, Mickey Mouse, as well as comedies from 1924.

This year’s Kaleidoscope of Culture will be opened through the artistic concept ‘Liman 5’, at the place of the former Great Liman. You can find full programme and timetable on the following link. The Kaleidoscope of Culture, a project of culture of togetherness, will last for five weeks that will be marked by five arts until 9 October.