Novi Sad in Contemporary Literature @Svilara CS

The ‘Novi Sad in Contemporary Literature’ project is designed in the form of a joint literary evening of several generations of Novi Sad writers who dealt with the topic of the city itself in their works.

Slobodan Tišma, Milan Tripković, Marijana Čanak, Andrea Popov Miletić, Franja Petrinović and Laslo Blašković will speak at the literary evening.

The participants will read parts of their texts and discuss the similarities and differences in the experience of the city in them with the moderation of Vladislava Gordić Petković.

No city is just a setting in which literary heroes live and work. The city is a space of remembrance of the past, a space of belonging or exile, a space of freedom or restraint. The multicultural topography of Novi Sad is a challenging space, because different historical periods with their iconography and symbolism march in front of us. In painting portraits of a city such as Újvidék, Neoplanta, Neusatz or Novi Sad, the writer immerses the heroes in multicultural content and compiles an authentic chronicle of the mentality that transcends the signs of the national,’ says Vladislava Gordić Petković.

In addition to the joint performance of three generations of Novi Sad writers, which is interesting for itself and which deviates from the traditional and somewhat boring form that puts the audience in the position of a silent observer, this concept will certainly contribute to literary dialogue, which is like any other dialogue, much needed,’ says Milan Tripković, the author of the project and one of the participants.

The joint literary evening of several Novi Sad authors of different generations, who dealt with the topic of the city itself in their works, will be held in the Svilara Cultural Station on 25 September.