New Places Promote a Culture of Togetherness during Kaleidoscope of Culture

Kaleidoscope of Culture is a year-round project of culture of togetherness that connects artists, cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations, citizens and visitors through various processes, presenting spaces and programmes throughout the city at the end of summer, thus promoting a unique image of the diversity of Novi Sad.

For the past four years, the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation has been creating new spaces intended for fellow citizens, with the goal of further expanding cultural content to all parts of the city during the Kaleidoscope of Culture. This is of great importance for the week of architecture, which emphasizes the significance of this art in September. The ‘New Places’ project is one of the projects by which the European Capital of Culture promotes a culture of togetherness through new spaces throughout the city intended for cultural events.

The goal of the ‘New Places’ project is to reconstruct and arrange public and small neighbourhood spaces in cooperation with local communities, since their members are best acquainted with the needs of their environment. With the support of the Association of Architects of Novi Sad and the City Administration for Construction Land and Investments, 36 new places have been opened so far.

Among these spaces for meetings of citizens and implementation of cultural events, there are a bench and a table with a chessboard in Novo Naselje in Kaće Dejanović Street, a new corner in Adice in Marije Bursać Street and Gazebo in Detelinara in Omladinskog Pokreta Street.

In addition to the above mentioned, Novi Sad associations of citizens and residential communities set up street furniture and thus created new and cleaner oases for enjoyment on Liman 1 (behind the ‘Beza’ cafe), Klisa (Sentandrejski Put BB), Šodroš (Ribarsko Ostrvo), Novo Naselje (Partizanskih Baza Street), in Petrovaradin (Zlatarićeva/Božidara Adžije Street), Rumenka (near FC Jedinstvo) and Stepanovićevo (Milunke Savić Street).

Furthermore, the new urban-design call for conceptual solutions for the arrangement of four locations – the Gallery Square, the park next to the Assembly of AP Vojvodina, the lookout above the tunnel after the Liberty Bridge and a green area on Patrijarha Pavla Boulevard are currently in progress. Those interested can apply via public procurement portal until 24 August. You can find more information on the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation website and on the Association of Architects of Novi Sad website.

Within the Kaleidoscope of Culture, numerous cultural events will take place at the ‘New Places’ and thus bring cultural content to locations that previously did not have a similar purpose.