Writer Jasminka Petrović will have a conversation with children during the Kaleidoscope of Culture literature week

The last week of the sixth Kaleidoscope of culture is dedicated to literature, so we invite you to take your little ones to the Mlin Cultural Station on October 10, where they will be greeted with a smile by the great writer Jasminka Petrović. The most famous Serbian author of books for children and young adults, whose works have been translated into almost 30 languages, but also adapted for plays and films (The Summer When I Learned to Fly), will have a conversation with the youngest audience in CS Mlin from 7 p.m.

Registration is at this link, and please reserve your place in time.

Jasminka Petrović was born in Belgrade (1960). She has written more than thirty books for children and young adults (The Summer I Learned to Fly, Etiquette, Reading Grows You, Only for Your Ears, Everything is Fine, 35 Calories Without Sugar, 100 Chair Faces and others). Her books have been translated into twenty-five languages, and some of them have been dramatized in children’s theaters in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Zagreb and Stockholm. Movies were made based on the novels The Summer I Learned to Fly and About the Button and Happiness. She was the editor of a teenage show (Radio Pingvin), she wrote for many magazines (Tik-Tak, Veliko dvorto, Politikin Zabavnik…). She edited National Geographic Junior in Serbian. Jasminka is writing the script for the children’s series Kukuriku Show (RTS). She is a participant in various programs and projects that encourage children’s imagination and creativity. She finds inspiration in conversations with children. Jasminka receives support from his family, relatives and friends, and she likes autumn, the sea and mint tea.