Ars Electronica Opens Its Doors to Artists from Serbia Within the Kaleidoscope of Culture Pavilion

The ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation invites individuals and groups of artists, companies, faculties, and other institutions who work in the field of fine art media and contemporary artistic practices to apply to the public call for exhibiting at the Ars Electronica national pavilion, which will be implemented within the Kaleidoscope of culture in 2021. Deadline for submitting applications is 6 July 2021.

The winning entry should be of national importance in terms of presentation and building the capacity of Serbian artistic expression, while Ars Electronica institute, which is the most prestigious European institution for development and experiment in the field of transmedia art and new fine art media, gives credibility for the open call.

The Ars Electronica pavilion will be located in the facility 11, in Creative District in Veliki Liman. The entire building should be used and incorporated as the work of art. According to call propositions, the work has to be in the domain of new fine art media and contemporary artistic practices in terms of interactive installation, creative coding, digital art, video art and mapping, sculpture in the expanded field, augmented reality, virtual reality, generative art, animation, ephemeral architecture, transmedia art, mechatronics and other experimental artistic mediums.

Participants are given the task to design and give solutions for exhibition at the national pavilion. Public procurement for the services of implementation of the selected solution will be launched. Submitted work consists of one solution per location, optional solutions are not allowed.

Works are submitted via the Portal of public procurements in accordance with detailed instructions for proper appointment of documents. All participants are obliged to submit proper documentation within the call, which is available on the website of the Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture project.

All interested natural and legal persons, independent artists, art groups, IT workers, cultural workers and people who independently work in the field of art or other fields of culture and artistic creation, IT industry, etc., have the right to participate in the call.

Should you have any ambiguities regarding the call, you can find the answers in the Q&A section for the Ars Electronica call, while you can write all other questions in the questions/answers section on the Portal of public procurements or send them via e-mail address: until 29 June, while the results will be announced on 12 July 2021.