Veliki Liman – Forum on Architecture @OPENS CS

The ’Great Liman’ forum on architecture of the area along the Danube, will present narratives of the former Great Liman, which undergoes a transformation and gets new purpose, as the place where rich historical heritage of the city meets contemporary creativity.

The discussion will be moderated by Vesna Farkaš, on Tuesday, 8 September at 8. p.m., in front of the OPENS Cultural Station. All interested will be able to watch the discussion online via the Kaleidoscope of Culture website.

We will hear comments on the topic from Aleksandar Vranić from the Archives of the city of Novi Sad, Petar Mirković, sculptor, Dušan Stevanović, architect and Nemanja Milenković, CEO of the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’.

Mr Vranić will talk about the forgotten heritage of the Great Liman, and audience will have a chance to find out more about the history of this area from other forum participants.

The forum is thematically related to the photography exhibition by Predrag Uzelac, within the opening of the third Kaleidoscope of Culture, and photographs led the audience through the whole site of Great Liman, between Menza (student canteen), Workshop and Čeličana (steel factory).