To Suburbium through the Novi Sad Gate – Architecture in the Focus at the Beginning of the ‘Kaleidoscope’

The Suburbium of the Petrovaradin Fortress, one of the most significant cultural heritage of Novi Sad, is the site for the first big event called the ‘Novi Sad Gate’ that will mark the beginning of this year’s Kaleidoscope on 24 August.

The visitors will have a chance to see how the Novi Sad Gate, demolished after the World War I, looked like through the video projection scheduled for 9 p.m.

The site of the former Novi Sad Gate is the starting point from which the ‘Heritage Walk’ with the professional guidance of the journalist Miroslav Farkaš will begin.

After the walk, the visitors will have a chance to make a break, but in a useful way, by watching the ‘Case Petrovaradin’ film that talks about the renewal of the Suburbium, as well as the entire Petrovaradin Fortress. The film is part of the ‘Case Petrovaradin: Managing Historical City Cores’ project that was implemented last year by Europa Nostra Serbia in cooperation with the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Novi Sad and the Faculty for Sport and Tourism – TIMS with the support of the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’. The project aims to provide a model for managing this cultural good within the publication of the ‘Petrovaradin Dossier’, which will serve as an example for other cultural infrastructural heritage.

Along with these events, the multimedia exhibition ‘Banovina 80’ will be opened in Lisinski Street, marking 80 years since the founding of Banovina. The exhibition is implemented by the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ in cooperation with the Historical Archives of the City of Novi Sad and the Archives of Vojvodina, and the citizens of Novi Sad will have a chance to see it in September.

At the very end of the programme, as the highlight of the evening, the winners of the Sterija Award for contemporary text, the National Theatre Šabac will perform the play ‘Bacači Prstiju’, directed by Bojan Đurđev, in front of the Belgrade Gate. ‘Bacači Prstiju’, by Iva Brdar, is one of the most intriguing new texts written in our speaking area, and was presented in Berlin, New York and Stuttgart, while in Paris the text was turned into a radio drama.

In the prime of the reconstruction of the Suburbium, one of the most significant infrastructure projects in the preparation of Novi Sad for the year of the European Capital of Culture title, the programme within the ‘Kaleidoscope’ draws attention to the cultural heritage and architecture of Novi Sad, raising awareness of its preservation and the idea of displacing traffic from the Suburbium.

The ‘Kaleidoscope of Culture’ is the programme arch of the ‘Nov Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ project, which makes Novi Sad into the ‘City of Scene’ at more than 80 locations from 24 to 30 August.
It connects spaces and programmes, as well as the actors themselves: ‘Kaleidoscope’ through multiple arts presents a unique image of the diversity of Novi Sad, from cultural institutions, non-institutional scene, artists and citizens themselves. With more than 400 programmes, everyone will have a chance to design their own kaleidoscope of culture.