Tanz Platz

The fifth edition of the international festival of contemporary dance ‘Tanz Platz’ will be held from 13 until 17 September in the restored space of Fabrika in Creative District, within the performing arts week of the Kaleidoscope of Culture.

This year’s programme of the festival, organised by the Student Cultural Centre Novi Sad, brings five dance performances from Serbia, France, Portugal, Hungary and Czech Republic. All programmes start at 8 p.m.

The festival will be opened with the ‘Assimilate’ play that will be performed for the first time. The play deals with the topic of migrations and intertwining of different cultures, languages and customs. Within performance, choreographer Sonja Stojanović connects four cultures: Serbian, Czech, Hungarian and French, in order to embody the beauty of diversity through different types of communication that have been changing since 19th century until digital era we live in, thus intertwining the past and the future with music and movement, from traditional to contemporary. The number of visitors is limited to 32. Therefore, the application via e-mail is necessary: skcnovisad@gmail.com. ‘Application – Assimilate’ should be your e-mail subject, while the text must contain name and surname. The entrance is free of charge. 

On the second day of Tanz Platz, the programme will feature the Hungarian ‘Masterwork’ performance by Emese Cuhorka and Csaba Molnár, who have been working together on projects in the field of contemporary dance since 2010. The essence of their duet includes cultural reference and whimsical movements. Being developed through the set of vignettes, the piece explores the ways in which body reveals cultural backgrounds and symbols that reflect them within time. With the body movement, they manipulate the environment and evoke the freedom of redefining.

On the same day, at 4 p.m. in Fabrika, the ‘Teen Generator’ dance workshop led by Jovana Rakić, a choreographer and dance pedagogue, and Milena Todorović, dance pedagogue, will be held. The workshop is intended for young people, while it deals with the history and development of dance in 20th and early 21st centuries. The application via Student Cultural Centre e-mail is necessary: skcnovisad@gmail.com. ‘Workshop application – Teen Generator’ should be your e-mail subject, while the text must contain name and surname. The entrance is free of charge. 

On the third day of the festival, the repertoire will feature the ‘SubLinhar’ performance. It has been created with the aim of promoting dance as an initiator of self-awareness, and as a tool for getting to know others and knowledge of the world. Marta Kerkeira, an artist from Portugal, chose the concept of a line as a general and abstract presentation of reality. The body and a ‘conversation with body’ are the essence of the performance that is suitable both for children and adults.

On the fourth day, the first copyright production by Cécile Da Costa, within which a woman named Roselyne finds her place, will be presented. She tries to find her place in a room, in the eyes of other people, in life. ‘Roselyne’ was presented within the Czech dance platform in 2020, and it was part of the film entitled ‘The Theatre Night at Plum Yard’.

The repertoire of the last night of the festival will feature the play of the French-Moroccan co-production entitled ‘Telles Quelles/Tels Quels’, within which the French choreographer Bouziane Bouteldja explores the notion of identity in pluralistic and segregated society through the story about five Moroccan and two French dancers. The subversive hip-hop performance covers the topic of contradictions that young generations face and refers to burning issues and social issues in every part of Mediterranean, while its political knowledge and social engagement is reflected in impressive position of women who are way far ahead men. ‘Telles Quelles/Tels Quels’ is a tribute to the desire for freedom and fragile, rebellious, poetic and indignant young generation that seeks for happy life in a community.

The programme will be updated with the hip-hop workshop led by dancers and a choreographer from the ‘Telles Quelles/Tels Quels’ play in Fabrika, on Saturday 18 September, at 5 p.m. The workshop is intended for all fans of hip-hop music genre. The application via e-mail is necessary: skcnovisad@gmail.com. ‘Application – hip hop workshop’ should be your e-mail subject, while the text must contain name and surname. 

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Foto: Vojteh Brtnicki