Sculpture Park ‘Picnic with Sculptures’ and ‘Positano String Quartet’

The Sculpture Park in the Gallery Square will be officially opened on Sunday, 26 September, at 11 a.m., with a concert by the ‘Positano String Quartet’ ensemble.

The Gallery of Matica Srpska, as part of its Sculpture Park project, has cast three sculptures in bronze from the collections of three galleries located in the Gallery Square – Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection, Gallery of Matica Srpska, and Gallery of Fine Arts ‘The Gift Collection of Rajko Mamuzić’. The sculptures symbolize the beginning of new artistic space that will expand and develop in the years to come, in order for the Gallery Square to stand out as an important cultural and artistic hub of Novi Sad.

‘Picnic with Sculptures’ and the gala opening of the Sculpture Park, is a moment for all fellow citizens to enjoy the combination of nature and art in the city centre and discover a new ambience for everyday relaxation. The ‘Positano String Quartet’ will give a music touch to the picnic.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Music Youth of Novi Sad, this professional string ensemble will complete the atmosphere with evergreen, jazz, blues, rock and pop melodies. Performers: Sergej Šapovalov (violin), Petar Ivković (violin), Borut Pavlič (viola), Milan Milanov (double bass player).

The partner of the programme in the Gallery Square in the week of visual arts is DDOR.

The fourth Kaleidoscope of Culture will be held from 2 September until 8 October 2021. During five weeks, this yearlong project of culture of togetherness that connects artists, cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations, citizens and visitors through various processes, will present five types of art. At the end of summer, the Kaleidoscope of Culture will present spaces and programmes throughout the city, promoting a unique image of the diversity of Novi Sad.