Premiere of the Film Produced Within the ‘Kizuna’ Project and a Multimedia Concert by the Band ‘Bruke’

You will have a chance to see and hear the premiere of the Film Produced Within the ‘Kizuna’ project and a Multimedia Concert by the Band ‘Bruke’ in the Egység Cultural Station, on 28 September at 8 p.m.

The entire project presents the final phase of the long-time work by the director Marko Kaćanski. During the last four years, Kaćanski was gathering material in cooperation with artists from Japan and Serbia.

The result of the cooperation is the short feature film with documentary film footage of the megalopolis and one of the biggest fairs of video games in Tokyo.

The Novi Sad audience will have a chance to enjoy a multimedia concert by the ‘Bruke’ band, including the film that has been presented at festivals across the world. It is copyright electronic music featured by videos and animations.

Marko Kaćanski is a graduate in theatre and film production. He is the author of five theatre plays and around twenty short films. He starred in several films and plays and participated in summer film schools and workshops as a director, cinematographer and editor. He creates ads, music videos, children’s films, documentaries, etc. At the moment, he is the director of the documentary programme of the Radio Television of Vojvodina.

The fourth ‘Kaleidoscope of Culture’ will be held from 2 September until 8 October 2021. During five weeks, this yearlong project of culture of togetherness that connects artists, cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations, citizens and visitors through various processes, will present five types of art. At the end of summer, the Kaleidoscope of Culture will present spaces and programmes throughout the city, promoting a unique image of the diversity of Novi Sad.