Novelties and Liveliness of Baroque – Concert of the ‘Musica Antiqua Neoplantensis’ Ensemble in the Svilara Cultural Station on 15 September

The lavish chateaux, 17th century, popular operas – Baroque. The ‘Days of Baroque Music in Novi Sad’ festival, by the Vojvodinian Early Music Association and within the Kaleidoscope of Culture, begins. In their own city, the audience will have a chance to listen to the music which offers many variations, improvisations and richness of sound.

The ‘Musica Antiqua Neoplantensis’ ensemble will perform in the Svilara Cultural Station on 15 September, at 8 p.m.

At the concert titled ‘Treasury of German Baroque Music’, members of the ensemble Radoslava Vorgić (soprano), Meila Tomé (block flute), Darko Karajić (theorbo, lute) and Zolta Borbelj (harpsichord) will present themselves to the audience.

The ‘Days of Baroque Music in Novi Sad’ festival’s goal is to introduce the techniques of performing music of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries to young musicians and audience. Participants will bring music of this epoch closer to the public in the atmosphere of cultural and creative exchange. The festival’s aim is performing European baroque music.

The work of Claudio Monteverdi marked the beginning of baroque music. This Italian composer, organist and fiddler, is the first serious opera dramaturge of the baroque epoch. He composed one of the earliest operas ever ‘L’Orfeo’. Its premiere happened in 1607, in the ducal palace in front of the Accademia ‘degli Invaghiti’ members. The opera achieved such success it brought ingenious novelty and liveliness to the world of baroque music.

Thanks to the many characteristics and opportunities the ‘Treasury of German Baroque Music’ concert offers, it represents a special part of the Kaleidoscope of Culture.

The Kaleidoscope of Culture is a yearlong project of culture of togetherness, which through different processes connects artists, cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations, citizens and tourists, in order to present places and programmes across the city, promoting a unique, distinct image of Novi Sad by the end of summer.