Masked Dance: Fourth Tanz Platz within the Kaleidoscope of Culture

The fourth edition of the international festival of contemporary dance, Tanz Platz, in co-production with the Student Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, will be held in the Egység Cultural Station on 17 and 18 September at 7 p.m.

Every year, this festival is part of the Kaleidoscope of Culture. This year’s edition, within the performance week, will consist of three out of 20 best performances under the Aerowaves selection for 2019.

The panel discussion Choreographed crisis: How Does One Dance in a Face Mask? will mark the beginning of this year’s Tanz Platz festival in Novi Sad. Through the panel, participants will try to redefine the outlines of dance festivals, and performing art in general, during the pandemic crisis, restriction of movement and body encounters, collective body restrictions, and series of other changes in everyday life and work. At the same time, some of the essential terms in contemporary artistic production will be questioned.

The panel’s moderator will be Marijana Cvetković (producer, curator and activist, member of Service for Modern Dance, lecturer at the University of Arts in Belgrade), and its participants: Jelena Alempijević (choreographer, dancer and dance pedagogist, member and founder of the Pokretnica collective); Jovana Rakić (choreographer, performer, dance pedagogist, member of Service for Modern Dance, mentor of the Generator for development of dance theatre for children programme); Sonja Pregrad (choreographer, performer and initiator of many dance initiatives, including ’Antiseason’ in Zagreb), Dimitrije Kokanov (playwright, dramaturge in the Atelje 212 theatre) and Marko Milić (choreographer and performer, member of Service for Modern Dance).

Central part of the festival will present four co-productions and artists from France, Norway and Czech Republic. Tanz Platz brings young and successful choreographers and dancers to Novi Sad, presenting current tendencies in contemporary dance.

This year’s programme of the festival, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will inevitably bring changes to the format, thus three performances will be presented through video-projections followed by the live discussion with the artists via video-conference, while the enthusiastic artists from Czechia will, despite everything, perform in situ and the audience will have the opportunity to talk to them after the show.

Novi Sad premiere of the short, inclusive dance film ’Glance’, produced by the Let’s… Group, will contribute to the programme.

The film was made as a co-author work of dancers (with and without disabilities), choreographer and director. It’s designed conceptually, as four intertwined dance lines, with the first one refering to an intimate glance directed towards oneself, the second – to a glance from a different perspective, directed towards one’s disabled parts, while the third one is about glancing at one’s capacities to overcome the established boundaries. The fourth thematic line refers to collectiveness and, with that, it represents the broadening of one’s horizons and perspectives. This film, besides its artistic qualities, is aimed at poining to the importance of inlusive work in art, and promoting artistic creation of people with disabilities.

PLI Viktor Černicki

Viktor Černický, one of the most eminent artists of the Aerowaves selection in the past year, will close this year’s Tanz Platz festival. Perfomans PLI brings 22 conference chairs, haunting rythm and a dedicated man.

Inspired by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz’s principles of physics, PLI is an unpredictable and humorous performance which replacted robustness with spatial simpleness and material minimalism. The result is a smart and performative solo, physical metaphore for limitless human dynamics, patience and asipration which even the simplest objects turns into architectural works.

The entrance to all the programmes is free.

During the third Kaleidoscope of Culture, all perscribed epidemiological measures are being applied. The maximum number of allowed visitors is constantly being controlled, which, right now, is 500 people in the open. The visitors are obliged to wear face masks when attending events. The organisers ask people to adhere to the prescribed measures for their own sake and for the sake of others, and for better and more comfortable experience of cultural events.

You can see the Tanz Platz festival timetable HERE.

The festival was supported by Aerowaves, European Union’s Creative Europe Programme, Ministry of Culture and Information, Provincial Secretariat for Culture, French Institute in Serbia through the Theatrescope programme and La Collection programme of French Institute in Paris.

Photo: Vojtěch Brtnický