First Kaleidoscope of Culture in Novi Sad

From 25 August until 30 September, ‘Kaleidoscope of Culture’ will feature more than 1000 artists, 400 programmes, which will include more than 60 organisations from Novi Sad at more than 80 locations in the city.

Kaleidoscope is a result of joint creation of space and cultural programme, which presents a unique picture of diversity through different types of art.

Our city gets the summer rich in cultural events in a unique form, in the form of Kaleidoscope. The concept in the form of Kaleidoscope that strengthens capacities for preparation of Novi Sad for the European Capital of Culture 2021 starts on 25 August with the gala opening near the Chinese Quarter – Youth Creative Polis and Czech Magazine and will last until the end of the September.

In the first week of Kaleidoscope, citizens of Novi Sad and numerous tourists can expect exciting cultural programmes such as the gala opening of Kaleidoscope, the Caravan – a mobile cultural station that will present 5 types of art at various locations, all sides of passionate tango and milonga dance under the stars, within the ‘Novi Sad – Tango City’, classical music in the open within the ‘NEO’ Non-Classical Festival of Classical Music, the night of Russian music with beautiful performance of Elena Manistina, mezzo-soprano from the Bolshoi Theatre from Moscow and ‘TAJJ’ string quartet, the ‘May Assembly – 170 years later’ open exhibition, opening of the ‘Through Umbria 1938/2018’ exhibition, Contemporary Graphic Novel as new visual-narrative form and Painting and Presentations within the 7th Assembly of the ‘Boško Petrović’ Tapestry Artist Colony.

In the following five weeks, Novi Sad will present itself with culture and art through numerous existing contents, as well as new ones. Through architecture, literature, performing art, applied and visual arts, the audience will enjoy extraordinary performances of foreign and local artists at more than 80 locations. Some of the interesting Kaleidoscope programmes are opening of new places – Czech Magazine, Corso, Egység, music concerts from classical to rock music, ‘Bloody Wedding’ and ‘Cinderella’ theatre performances, ‘Prisoner and Six-fingers Man’ puppet show for adults, contemporary circus, interesting exhibitions across Novi Sad such as ‘Companions’, ‘New Places’, media installations, contemporary dance, film presented in a traditional way and in a way never seen before and numerous other contents.