Days of the Full Moon – A Book by Vitomirka Trebovac

Vitomirka Trebovac will present the book called ‘Days of the Full Moon’ within the exhibition of the same name. The exhibition will be opened in the Egység Cultural Station on 28 September at 4 p.m. and will last until 2 October.

The starting point for such a non-typical promotion of the book was the idea of treating literature through an image, and giving it another layer of meaning. Instead of sitting and listening to a literary presentation, the audience will walk through the book and be exposed to the ‘atmosphere’ of a full moon through an exhibition that includes drawings, objects, gifs, etc.

Vitomirka Trebovac has written three books of poetry: ‘Blue in Colour’, ‘All the Trees, all the Children and all the Bicycles in Me’ and ‘Days of the Full Moon’.

She is the co-editor of the book of poetry ‘This is Not a Home, Female Poets about Migration’ and the editor of the book ‘Novi Sad Neo-Avant-Garde / Selection from Poetry’. She is engaged in the bookstore and publishing centre ‘Bulevar Books’ in Novi Sad.

The fourth ‘Kaleidoscope of Culture’ will be held from 2 September until 8 October 2021. During five weeks, this yearlong project of culture of togetherness that connects artists, cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations, citizens and visitors through various processes, will present five types of art. At the end of summer, the Kaleidoscope of Culture will present spaces and programmes throughout the city, promoting a unique image of the diversity of Novi Sad.