Block Party in Four Novi Sad Neighbourhoods

The new event within the ‘Kaleidoscope of Culture’ revives neighbourhoods in Novi Sad. Block party will galvanize the citizens of Novi Sad in Kej, Liman, Sajmište and Novo Naselje.

First ‘Block Party’ will be organised in the yard between Beogradski Kej and Marka Miljanova Streets in Podbara, on 30 August at 6:30 p.m. Visitors will have a chance to meet Juraj Ďuriš, street artist from Slovakia, and local graffiti artists and hip-hop dancers will contribute to the promotion of hip hop culture that became popular in the USA during the ‘70.

The ‘Groove’ Dance Association will be in charge of dancing, and DJ Zupany and MC Banzae from ‘Streetwise’ for the entire programme. ‘Košnica’ Association, PerArt Organisation and the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ gave support and contribution to the entire project.

People do not know much about hip-hop culture in our country. There are also various prejudices, and our goal is to bring together both decentralisation of events and introduce the participants to different neighbourhoods in Novi Sad, as well as to animate the residents of those neighbourhoods and present activities through which young and old can spend their free time in a healthy and quality way, thus connect as a community. We will also focus on maintaining mental health, thus support the Novi Sad Heart Centre, and mark the last day of the contemporary dance and performance festival ‘Pokretnica’ which is taking place in the city at the moment’, says Vesna Pašćanović, founder of the ‘Groove’ Dance Association.

Next ‘Block Party’ will be organised in the yard between Dragiše Brašovana and Ravanička Streets in Liman 2, in the so-called ‘Bronx’, on 31 August, at 6:30 p.m.

The idea of gathering different local groups, decentralisation of culture and promotion of hip-hop as the subculture will continue in another two neighbourhoods: Sajmište, the yard between Bulevar Oslobođenja and Branimira Ćosića Streets, on 7 September at 6:30 p.m., and in Novo Naselje, the yard between Partizanskih Baza and Stevana Hristića Streets at 6:30 p.m.

The ‘Kaleidoscope of Culture’ is the programme arch of the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ project, which turns Novi Sad into the ‘city of scene’ through the culture of communion, at more than 80 locations from 24 to 30 August.

It connects spaces and programmes, as well as the actors themselves: the ‘Kaleidoscope’ presents a unique image of the diversity of Novi Sad through multiple arts, with its cultural institutions, non-institutional scene, artists and citizens themselves. With more than 400 programmes, everyone will have a chance to design their own kaleidoscope of culture.