500 young people at the opening of the Kaleidoscope of Culture will be a part of SLET

September in the year of the European Capital of Culture will be reserved for the fifth Kaleidoscope of Culture – programme arch that connects the local and European scene, as well as fellow citizens, through five weeks and five arts, in traditional and new cultural locations.

During the 4-day opening ceremony, the highlight will be SLET (rally) – a choreographed play, which will gather 500 young performers from Novi Sad and 021 Zone, as well as students currently studying in Novi Sad.

The theme of the play is Alternative History of Europe, and the narrative of the play will be divided into four basic works by four international art teams. The participants of the project will have the opportunity to cooperate with an international team of 20 artists from Serbia, Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark.

In five weeks, through five arts – architecture, literature, visual, applied and performing, programmes will be held throughout Novi Sad, giving visitors the opportunity to choose and create their own kaleidoscope of culture.

For any additional information, you can write to: sletns2022@gmail.com.

Those interested can get more information about the programmes in 2022 within the European Capital of Culture on the website https://novisad2022.rs/en/home-3/.


Partners of the fifth Kaleidoscope of Culture – programme arch are: ERSTE bank, IDEA, DDOR and A1.


Photo: Promo