Prominent Artists of Contemporary Literature in the Svilara Cultural Station

The Svilara Cultural Station will host several generations of Novi Sad writers, who thematised the city itself in their works, within the ‘Novi Sad in Contemporary Literature’ project on 25 September during the Week of Literature.

Poetry by Milan Mumin in the Open Within Literature Week

One of the highlight events during the literature week of this year’s Kaleidoscope will be ‘Literature Nights by Milan Mumin’.

Author Alen Bešić in the Egység Cultural Station on Wednesday

During the literature week within the third Kaleidoscope of Culture, on Wednesday, 23 September, the audience will have a chance to enjoy series of discussions about literature named ‘Oko(m) Knjige’, initiated by the Egység Cultural Station in March this year….

The Female Poets Boulevard – Young Authors Maša Senčić and Radmila Petrović Within the Week of Literature

Week of Literature, within the Kaleidoscope of Culture, will present the young names of the Serbian literary scene as part of the first ‘Female Poets Boulevard’, on 22 September at 7 p.m.

Literature Night for the First Time in Serbia Within the Kaleidoscope of Culture

The literature night will open the third week of the Kaleidoscope of Culture, i.e. the week of literature, on Saturday, 19 September at 6 p.m.  

Literary Morning in Najlon – Literature and Music

The ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation initiated Literary Morning in Najlon in September 2019, which is another project of decentralisation of culture.


Slobodan Tišma and the ‘Novi Sad in Contemporary Literature’ discussion on Radio Belgrade 2

The meeting of several generations of writers from Novi Sad within the ‘Novi Sad in Contemporary Literature’ project, will happen in the Svilara Cultural Station on 25 September. Due to the epidemiological measures, the audience will have a chance to…

Aleksandar Gatalica: When I Write a Novel, I Act Like a Musician Writing a Symphony – and that Makes Me Different From My Colleagues

‘Serious artists think seriously about strong emotions, frivolous ones use them as bad magicians’ Aleksandar Gatalica Sunday Morning, within the Kaleidoscope of Culture, was reserved for the unusual mix of music and literature. Aleksandar Gatalica, a writer, and Marko Miletić,…

Thanks to the Kaleidoscope of Culture, Novi Sad Becomes the Capital of Literature

Slobodan Tišma and Aleksandar Gatalica, winners of the NIN Award, Laslo Blašković, the author of prose and poetry from Novi Sad, Franja Petrinović, critic and editor, Maša Seničić and Andrea Popov Miletić, young talents of the local literature, as well…