‘Simple Things from/for Human Beings’ Exhibition

The ‘Simple Things from/for Human Beings’ exhibition by Lithuanian artists Anton Karyuk and Vytautas Stakutis will be opened within the week of applied arts of the Kaleidoscope of Culture in the ‘LAB’ Cultural Centre on 3 October at 6 p.m.

Andrija Dinulović

Andrija Dinulović, Belgrade architect and producer, co-founder of the Turbina production studio, will hold a lecture ‘Technique(s)’ within the Design Pavilion, during the week of applied arts of the Kaleidoscope of Culture. The lecture is scheduled for Sunday, 3 October,…

Constantin Demner

Constantin Demner, the Austrian graphic designer and founder of the visual communications studio Studio Elastik, will hold a lecture ‘This talk is about you’ within the week of applied arts and Design Pavilion in the SPENS amphitheatre on 1 October….

Design Pavilion

The third edition of Design Pavilion will mark the fifth week of the Kaleidoscope of Culture in SPENS, one of the most important representatives of modern architecture in Novi Sad, from 1 until 8 October 2021.

Exhibition ‘Design for Culture’

The opening of the ‘Design for Culture’ exhibition will also mark the opening of the applied arts week, within the last week of the Kaleidoscope of Culture, in SPENS, on 1 October at 20:22.

Strategic and Participatory Design for Cultural Organisations: ReCulture Project

The panel discussion ‘Strategic and participatory design for cultural organisations: ReCulture project’ will be implemented in the SPENS amphitheatre on the first day of the week of applied arts, 1 October, at 6 p.m.

The ‘SHIFT’ Exhibition

Graphic works selected at the PDP conference call for visual artists will be presented within the SHIFT exhibition, which will be implemented in the Macut Gallery at SPENS from 1 to 3 October. The works are by artist from Serbia,…

Uroš Krčadinac

Uroš Krčadinac, digital artist, programmer, author and educator, will hold a lecture ‘How to remain one and the same when each moment we turn into something new?’ within the week of applied arts and Design Pavillion on 2 October. The…

Wolfgang Fiel

Wolfgang Fiel, an architect and founder of the iCP Institute in Vienna, will give a lecture on the topic ‘Shift: The Art of Transformation’ in the SPENS amphitheatre on 2 October at 7 p.m.


More Than 90% of Visitors Rated This Year’s Kaleidoscope of Culture as Great

The just-completed evaluation by the independent team of evaluators of the Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Sciences of the University of Novi Sad showed that the Kaleidoscope of Culture keeps getting better ratings from audiences each year.

Artists from Kaunas Exhibit within the Week of Applied Arts

The citizens of Novi Sad will have a chance to see the installations of two young artists from Kaunas who arrived in Novi Sad within the Artist in Residence exchange programme of the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’…

The Pavilion of World, European and Local Designers Closes the Kaleidoscope of Culture

The fourth Kaleidoscope of Culture, which started on 2 September is still ongoing, has again moved the boundaries of the culture of togetherness on which it is based. It will be closed with the third Design Pavilion, which will be…

5 Iconic Places in Novi Sad Become Spaces for Culture in September

Kaleidoscope of Culture turns Novi Sad into a stage every September. The Kaleidoscope of Culture programmes open new spaces for culture, nurture a culture of togetherness and enable the public to create their own kaleidoscope of culture composed of everyday…

Culture of Togetherness in 5 Weeks and 5 Types of Art

The fourth Kaleidoscope of Culture will mark September and the end of summer this year as well. The four days of the opening ceremony in the Creative District, in the area of Great Liman, will be an overture to five…

The Fourth Novi Sad Kaleidoscope of Culture from 2 September to 8 October

While waiting for 2022, when Novi Sad will proudly take the title of capital of culture, this year’s Kaleidoscope of Culture will be held from 2 September to 8 October 2021.